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I was born an Air Force brat in 1953. As a kid we traveled all over the place, including Europe. I graduated High School in 1971. Joined the Navy in 1972 and proceeded to see the rest of the world. Was first an Engineman (working on Diesels and auxilliary equipment) and then switched over to Gas Turbine Systems technician (working on main propulsion gas turbine engines and auxilliary equipment). Retired in 1995 and am now working as a technical Writer. I was turned on to computers in the early '80's when my best friend brought home an Apple IIc. From then on I was hooked. As far as I was concerned at that time, the IIc was perfect for what I needed a computer for, and it was portable. More so than most of the desktop computers that were out there. My friend switched over to PC's when the first 286's came out. I watched him build it at the kitchen table and was intrigued when he got it completed and powered it up. Yep. I'm a Hardware guy at heart. I bought the case and parts for a 386 when they came out and he helped me build my first PC. I kept not only my IIc, but his too (I am a packrat of the first order) and when I finally settled down back here in Maryland I started pulling out the old hardware. My passion for all things Apple was rekindled and I started buying II's, II pluses, IIe's (all kinds),IIgs's, and small Mac's to rebuild and play with. I now have branched out to Macs. I have several PPC 6100s that I'm working on and have an SE, a Classic, and a Color Classic sitting here somewhere to expand on. I also have a G5 Pro, Tangerine iMac, and a PPC 9600/300, a 7300/200 and a couple of other machines floating around here somewhere. :)
Computers (all kinds) Music (Mostly Classic Rock, Classical and Jazz) Movies and Books (all kinds but mostly SciFi and Techno)


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