Content Contest (Want $15?)

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Content Contest (Want $15?)

The first user who posts an article that doubles the traffic to MLAgazine for the day they post will receive $10 (from me). If you are interested, sign up, and give it a try. The average traffic is about 20-30 hits per day, I will calculate the exact average after we get some takers. The URL for the MLAgazine is

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Too bad I don't exactly 'qual

Too bad I don't exactly 'qualify' for that Wink

The winning article will also be published in the next issue of the 68kMLAgazine, along with all of the other entries. :coolmac:

Also, the scope of the MLAgazine seems to be growing past just Macintoshes, We have articles about Silicon Graphics workstations, NeXT, and even other misc. stuff.

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