FS: Apple II Software (more)

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FS: Apple II Software (more)

Selling a bunch of software (it's what happens when you get snowed in on a weekend):

$5 each for the following:
Meet The Presidents (shrink-wrapped)
Algebra Two with Trigonometry
Epyx Championship Wrestling
Standard and Poor Stockpak II
Pinpoint (disks only)
Springboard Certificate Maker (disks only)
Zoom Grafix (disk only)
Zoom NetMaster (telecomm, disk only)
The Learning Company Disks (8 disks)
Apple FORTRAN (disks only)
Apple Super Pilot (and CoPilot, disks only)

$8 each of the following:
Alice In Wonderland
The Notable Phantom (box includes keyboard template)
VersaLedger II (had a $150 price tag)
VersaPayables (had a $100 price tag)

$3 each for the following (mostly disks only):
ASCII Pro Ez (telecomm)
Behavioral Engineering Math Strategy, Spelling Strategy, Magic Spells
Broderbund Print Shop
Countries of the World
Easy Working The Planner
Easy Working The Writer
Electronic Arts Financial Cookbook
Fay's Word Rally and Word Hunter
Friendly Filer
Great American Folk Heroes
List Addresser
Magic Mover (furniture arrangement)
Practicalc II
StickyBear Reading
Sunburst Magic Slate, Missing Links, Tiger Tales
The Collector
The Home Accountant
Videx Apple Writer Pre-Boot Disk

$1 each of the following (mostly disks only):
A+ Utilities Disk
Charles Schwab Equalizer Demo
COMPUTE! Companion Disks
Cyberlearn Demo
HBJ Investigations and Simulations Demo
Microbook simulated library
Your Apple Games Gallery


Because of time constraints, I've only mostly checked that the
software boots up to an initial screen (I can try to follow provided
instructions, but I only have a barebones enhanced IIe).

Shipping from zip 97124 (for cost calculation).