Mac Hardware Clearout

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Mac Hardware Clearout

Hello all!

Clearing out my "Lair" as I call it, moving to an apartment soon, so no room for most of my stuff. Ill Put a more complete list up here once I can make an inventory.

What I know I have:

Powermac 6500 - 2

Apple IIc

assorted Apple II stuff (software, drives cables)

various Performas

PowerMac 6100 - 2

Classic II - 8+ (need to see which ones work)

ViewFrameTFT Overhead projector panels - 2 (Glass fell in on one, but it works.)

PowerMac G3 AIO (Video logic board is cooked. would be good parts machine. Does not have Zip, Case I painted black.

Toshiba Satellite Pro 465CDX PC Laptop - It's old. (Pre - WIN98)

Compaq Business Laptop Model EVON1020v - Not a bad machine, just no use for it

Assorted PC Crap (Pentium III and older, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Let me know if you need something)

Ill throw other stuff up here as I find it. Make me an offer on what you see, you pay shipping or come get it from Perkasie, PA and its yours. Im not too worried about getting anything for it, just dont want stuff (especially mac stuff) going to the curb.