I'm happy because I ate potato Salad!

Which I like. However, I'm still feeling kinda glum because I don't know whay. Maybe I still feel like people don't really take me seriously, and think I'm kind of a joke. I know I'm probably wrong, but I have that lurking feeling sometimes. That, and I don't feel good about accusing my friends about stupid things like that.

I think I might go to the rbf show, but I probably won't. I like Big D, and the Rx bandis apparently are good, but just reel big fish turns me off. I think ZI finally got my feelings on that band out with a simple analogy:

reel big fish is to Ska what good charlotte is to Punk.

rbf is on the outskirts of something that *might* be ska, but it really isn't. It may have horns, and a few ska elements, but, lets face it: it's not. What really pisses me off is when people are like "OH! LOOK! I LIKE RBF SO I LOVE SKA BECAUSE RBF IS SKA WOO!!!!!1!" It's fine to like what ever you want, and all music has the right to exist, but for the love of [insert religious figure here], at least make an EFFORT to understand the scene that whatever came from. Get to know what punk actually is if you listen to gc, and understand why most of the real punks sneer at it. Get to know what ska is, and where it came from and why, even if you just like rbf. That way, you will not get beat up by a drunken rudie or skin. I don't think it's a lot to ask, just understand where wat youre listening to came from. Then, you're a more educated listener, not a dumbass.

That's my rant.

That, and I feel kind of weird, bI really don't have a vice. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Some people would call eating in the proportions I do a vice, but the fact is I really only eat until I'm full, and then stop. I don't gorge frequently, and, even if that was a vice, it's a shitty one.

Whatever, I really need to get changed and stuff, have dinner, then go to the fire department, and be back shortly thereafter.