A Button my pants just broke off

because things like that happen.

Overall, I'd have to say that today wasn't that bad. I've been kicking it old skool and listening to CDs down here in the basement, and I forgot how amazing Green Island is, I mean, that's a ska band that has it down PERFECT. Today I listened to Rage Against The Machine, TDW- Come Down and Viva Nueva by rusticos. Wild. I'm looking forward to this weekend, a nice long one, a well deserved break after this long hard time I've been at school.

My cat, Jersey, is around and downstairs, for like the first time since we got our dog a fwe years ago! She's like athousand, and waiting paitently to die. Still, it's nice to have cats around again. Frodo is being good about it (frodo being the dog).

Well, not much else except for the fact that I forgot that I suck big balls at starcraft, and I have to get much better so I can play Karry, who is apparently at anything RPG-esque. Something to do, I guess.

Nothing else going on, I whish there was.