Ryoba time! It feels soooo good . . .

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Ryoba time! It feels soooo good . . .

. . . to be whaling away with the ole' plexi scribe & the Japanese pull saws again! Biggrin

I liberated what is to be a wide aspect ratio, NO maintenance MacQuarium for $4.00 today at the Goodwill store!

I'm reformatting the "display" of my ancient "TrashCanMacHack" which was based on some non-descript and eminently boring 15" AIO or other.

I'll be installing some kind of 2 card riser PPC/PCI mobo that I found in a box on the top shelf of one of the closets in the front bedroom/studio. I think I've got an extra AVP/TV_Tuner rig to set up a VHS/CD MediaServer, Fileserver, CD Duping-Cassette-n-Vinyl Converting Workstation . . .
. . . with FEETS! Dirol

Hopefully, the wide aspect ratio'd WaterLess "MacQuarium" section of the hack will pivot upwards to reveal removable drive cages and the second CD, or maybe a DVD Burner that I've got laying around!

I've been documenting the progress with the new 10MPixel camera an' she's 'a'lookin 'goooood so far! Wink

Updates may follow. ::)

jt =8-D