FS: Various Apple II/IIe/IIgs software and stuff

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FS: Various Apple II/IIe/IIgs software and stuff

Inventory time. Combine items and make a reasonable discounted offer.

$9 each for the following:
Hayden Software's PIE Writer (boxed)
PQ The Party Quiz Game (boxed)
The Notable Phantom (box includes keyboard template)
VersaLedger II (had a $150 price tag)
VersaPayables (had a $100 price tag)

$5 each for the following:
B/Graph statistical package (boxed)
Championship Baseball (5.25" disk only and manuals)
Dow Jones News Retrieval (online service is probably retired)
List Handler
Word Handler II
Clue Master Detective (boxed)
In Search of the Most Amazing Thing (boxed)
F-15 Strike Eagle
Epyx Championship Wrestling
Meet The Presidents (shrink-wrapped)
Pinpoint (disks only)
Springboard Certificate Maker (disks only)
Standard and Poor Stockpak II
The Learning Company Disks (8 disks)

$3 each for the following (mostly disks only):
Balance of Power (3.5" disk only)
Apple Panic (5.25" disk only)
Lords of Conquest (5.25" disk only)
Tic Tac Show (5.25" disk only)
World Class Leader Board
Applied Engineering Expander 2
Countries of the World
Easy Working The Planner
Easy Working The Writer
Electronic Arts Financial Cookbook
Fay's Word Rally and Word Hunter
Friendly Filer
Great American Folk Heroes
List Addresser
Magic Mover (furniture arrangement)
Practicalc II
Spell Handler
StickyBear Reading
Sunburst Magic Slate, Missing Links, Tiger Tales
The Collector
The Home Accountant
Videx Apple Writer Pre-Boot Disk

$1 each of the following (mostly disks only):
Charles Schwab Equalizer Demo
Cyberlearn Demo
HBJ Investigations and Simulations Demo
Microbook simulated library
Your Apple Games Gallery

$15 each Apphe IIgs original disks, manuals, boxed:
Omega (boxed)
Windwalker (boxed)
Beyond Zork (boxed)

$7 each Apple IIgs original disks and manuals:
Pipe Dream (includes decoder wheel)
Deja Vu.
AppleWorks GS 1.0v2

$3 each Apple IIgs original disks only:
Reach for the Stars
Star Saga One
Dark Castle
Halls of Montezuma.
Qix. (disk only)
Golf software (Mean 18, Jack Nicklaus)
Superpatch 8.0
Superpatch 8.0 (another)

$15 Original subLOGIC Flight Simulator II, with box, both manuals (in excellent condition), map, and even the registration card.
$15 Shrink-wrapped Apple ImageWriter II/LQ LocalTalk Option. Allows your ImageWriter II printer to be networked.
$10 20+ 800K diskettes, user, not tested, including breadbox-like sliding-cover wooden container.
$5 100+ 5.25" diskettes, used, not tested, no treasures, but a few original diskettes.
$5 5 issues of 8/16 Journal of Apple II Computing
$5 Apricorn parallel interface card with cable
$5 Orange Micro Grappler+ parallel interface card with cable

Pictures at:

Add shipping cost from zip 97124.