Apple BluRay on the way?

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Apple BluRay on the way?

I check the MacWorld newsfeed just about daily. This week there was an article posted that mentioned that some Apple announced software issue (new version of one of their titles) was going to recognize BluRay disc devices, and use it for a storage medium. I think that the article was pulled.

We know that Apple tends not to announce features before the software/hardware is ready to ship (there are a few exceptions, iphone). I think this one slipped through the cracks and then Apple put the kybosh on it. I realize that for a long time Steve J has been pushing solid state memory (ipod, Mac Air) and everyone buying into storage service on .mac, but I also think he realizes that isn't going to take the place of a cheap modular backup medium, no matter how much he wants it. BluRay is the next step.

I think it is now easy, cheap, and reliable enough for Apple to start shipping BluRay burners and movie players in the high end of the Mac line, the Powermac. Maybe this October, maybe when OS 10.6 ships.