FS: Various iPods

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FS: Various iPods

FS: Various iPods

iPod Nano (3rd Gen) - Silver - 4GB
Serial No.: YM7362OWY0P (a bit uncertain about the O & 0 if I misread them)
Model: A12326

I received this unit broken.
Unit seems to have a broken Dock connector.
Before the Battery died the screen & click wheel seemed to function properly.
It's been opened to confirm the memory as I did not check that when I tested since I did not expect the dock to be broken which prevented me from charging it. Unit is scuffed up a bit.

Price: $20 for parts sold AS IS.

iPod Nano (1st Gen) - White - 2GB
Serial No.: 5K72209JSZB
Model: A1136

I received this unit dead. Was told it would not power on. Was able to revive it and it has been tested working on my PC & Mac. It can be used as is but I suggest an upgrade to a higher capacity battery.

Price: $35 works, sold AS IS.

iPod with Click Wheel - White - 40 GB
Tested on Mac & PC (Works fine).
Serial No.: 2Z5201UVPQ7
Model: A1059

Price: $65 Works, sold AS IS.

All these are just the iPod themselves. The two working iPods have no issues with functionality as I've got them up and running with the Newest iTunes (I think it's 9 on my Macbook) They will both be wiped clean and updated to the latest firmware.

Pictures by request.

If you disagree with any of the prices just shoot me a fair offer and I will consider it.
Shipping is additional and will be for USPS with Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is additional too, but I suggest it as I will only be responsible to make sure it gets to you with the USPS Delivery Confirmation if not insured. I've not had ANY issues in all my transactions here, on NTLK, eBay or when I deal direct person to person through PayPal. Well over 500 transactions plus.

Last seen: 11 years 11 months ago
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Added a link for a picture of these iPods.

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