powerbook prototype plastics and machines

2 different duos, 1 clear duo dock II, 1 clear original ADB mouse, 1 Powerbook 520 prototype body, and a TON of other powerbook plastics and parts (5300s and Lombards mostly).



I would like to purchase one, do you have one for iBook.

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I despreately need clear shells for 12" G4iBooks and 1.5Ghz Powerbooks, Cash wise can make it worth your while. If you are interested You may E-Mail me at I look forward to hearing from you. I am in collage in Tulsa,Oklahoma getting my digital video certificate and some of my friends want to mod there macs,witch means more profit for you and custom latops for use.I forgot to mention there parents pay for any and all of there school they throw around 100 dollar bills like the're a used kleenax. Basicly they get mommy and daddy to pay anything there little heart desires

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You have a PM.