iMac G4 17" external monitor and touchscreen

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iMac G4 17" external monitor and touchscreen

This is a computer mod of a 17" iMac G4. The computer has been modified to function as an external monitor that can connect to any AV source. Currently it is connected to an Intel Core 2 Duo running Windows 7 that has been skinned to look like Leopard. The computer contains a resistive touch screen, which works very well with the iMacs movable neck. All wires run through the neck and can be connected via the back of the iMac's base.

As the original iMac used a non-standard TMDS connection, this mod was accomplished by replacing the LCD with a standard LVDS LCD, placing the monitor components (inverter/power source, lcd controller, keypad) into the base. This required rewiring the entire neck. The touchscreen wires also go down the neck and connect to the touch controller in the base.

I am using a small windows computer that I have currently, but hope to eventually purchase a mac mini to have an upgraded touch screen and updated iMac G4. I detailed the entire build process on my blog at:

Here is a video of the mod in action:

Feel free to ask any questions.