Help Mac G3 m5521 Boot Issue

I need some help in reversing an action I took with this computer.

The hhd contains two OS's, 9.2 and 10.3.9. I went into "My account" while in 10.3.9 and changed the startup routine to boot from the 9.2 installation while working with a cloned disk.
Now that the computer boots up in 9.2, how do I get back to booting up in 10.3.9?

Thanks Ed


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There are two ways:

1) In OS 9.2, under the Apple menu you'll find a selection for Control Panels. Same idea as the control panels in OS X. There should be a control panel called Startup Disk. Use it same as you did for its OS X counterpart and select your OS X system for booting.

2) When booting the computer, immediately hold down the option key, and keep it held down until you see a couple arrows on the screen. Be patient, as this takes a long time, but eventually you'll be able to select which system folder you want to boot from.
Just be warned that if you select to boot into OS X, this is just temporary with this method, and next time it'll boot back into OS 9 again unless you go into the OS X control panels and select your OS X system folder.