Macintosh 128k

Mac 128k - front

It should be noted that the first Mac 128k's were not called "Mac 128k's." As there were no other Macs to confuse it with, the computer was simply referred to as "Macintosh." The one shown here is an original, differing from the later version only in the nameplate. The original Macintosh was severely underpowered, but nonetheless revolutionary. The Lisa had already introduced the graphical user interface, but with a $9,995 price tag. The Macintosh is the computer that made this revolutionary new means of computing a possibility for everybody.

Mac 128k Prototype - logo

Mac 128k - back

The serial number is on the bottom, beside the brightness knob:

Mac 128k - serial number

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And when did the first Macs appeared on sale?

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24 January, 1984. George Orwell would have been amused. 10 September 1984 saw the advent of the more useful 512K, and 14 April 1986 the extended 512Ke, or 'Macintosh Minus'.