What are the ///'s capabilities?

Keyboard Friendliness

Arranged in a strictly traditional typewriter layout.

Sculptured, stepped and angled keys.

Numeric key pad. Recognized differently from main

Software definable character set. Can be used for

All characters used by programming languages.

Dedicated cursor or arrow keys.

Two-key method to boot a disk without powering on and

Alpha lock key. Shift locks alphabetical keys only.

The entire ASCII code.

Automatic repeat for all keys and the speed can be

Can print 224 distinct characters.

Little bumps on D, K and 5 keys for finger positioning.

Numeric keypad can be redefined into 12 special function

Dvorak American simplified Keyboard available on file.

128 byte type ahead buffer.

Many different fonts available on file.

Character set can be changed under program control at any

Up to 13 control keys.

Computer "ON" light.

Two system keys, Closed and Open Apple keys redefine

73 total keys.

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The Apple /// was able to use the profile and other external harddrives such as the Corvus. The silentype printer was also available for the Apple ///

I have installed numerous clock chips in the Apple /// computers and all of them worked as advertised. They had an external 2 cell aa battery pack to power the clock

The earlier Apple /// logic boards with the socketed chips were a pain to work on. But Apple switched to the 5 volt logic board and a lot of those chips were soldered on. The Apple ///+ logic board is a work of art. The Apple ///+ had a memory board with 2 rows of 256K chips. But the cost of the 256K chips at that time was around $8.00 each. Just before this price drop the 256k ram chips had been selling for $25.00 each. I think 64K ram chips were around $6.00 each at that time. The 12 volt memory cards used 32k ram chips and 16k ram chips and the memory card was only for the 12 volt version. The 5 volt memory cards used 64K ram chips. There were some 512k memory upgrade boards for the 12 volt logic boards but they had lots of prep work and had to have several wires soldered to different positions on the logic board. I had one and installed it but the Apple /// would only see 128k. There must have been a software patch to address the additional memory. I also have a Apple /// with a Apple //e card(s) upgrade. that ran Apple //e programs when the Apple /// processor was swapped to a 65c02 processor. And who can forget the Habe systems /// EZ pieces program version 1.0 which was a lot like Appleworks 1.0 . A lot of my friends used that program for years.