Webcam w/ PB3400c + B&W QuickCam + FTupperWare

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Webcam w/ PB3400c + B&W QuickCam + FTupperWare

Hey all,

probably not the greatest accomplishment, but it kinda is to me. right now I am streaming (although not technically "streaming" at all) a live feed from my apartment in Boulder, CO.

The page should show you a new image ever 10-5 seconds. QuickCam, is connected to the PB3400c (os8.6) and is automatically taking a pic ever 5 seconds.

FTupperWare is a piece of software (min OS 7.6) that you can set to keep track of a "hot folder." Any file saved into this folder will be sent via FTP to your favorite webserver.

next step is to get an OS 7.6 disk to try it on a 68k!