Mac 128k Prototype

John Woodall has provided us with images of a prototype Mac 128k:

Mac 128k Prototype - protologo

Mac 128k Prototype - ports Mac 128k Prototype - foot Mac 128k Prototype - inside

Mac 128k Prototype - big drive

"This image depicts a pre-production Mac, before they finalized a decision about whether to use 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" "Twiggy" drives. If I had a better scanner, you would be able to see that the on-screen elements like the menubar and title bars resemble the predecessor, Lisa, rather than the Macintosh we know today. Note that this picture came from the first widespread Macintosh ad, a 16 page insert from Newsweek Magazine (circa early 1984)." From Portable Macintosh (defunct website)

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