Letter from Apple to Joe about replacement parts

Joe wrote to Apple in an attempt to to find a 2519 IC chip. This was their reply:

Apple Computer Inc.
Service Department
20605 Lazeneo Drive
Cupertiono, California 95014
(408) 446-5444

March 8, 1979

Mr. Joe Torzewski
51625 Chestnut Road
Granger, IN 46530

Dear Joe:

As you probably know, we stopped manufacturing the Apple I
a long time ago. As such, parts are very hard to come by.

We will however, try to help you by allowing you to trade-
in your Apple I for an Apple II. We will allow you a $400
credit towards the purchase of an Apple II with the trade-in.
If this is of interest to you, please contact me and I will
explain how you can go about doing that.

In the meantime, we will try to locate the ICs you re-


Sami Asfour
National Service Manager


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