March Newsletter

There were three more issues after this one that have since been lost.

                  APPLE 1 POWER
Joe Torzewski
51625 Chestnut Road
Granger,In 46530

Well here we are again,we have enough inputs to put out the March
newsletter. Out of last months mailing,30,only had 4 replys.Inputs
have been coming in from 4 people and another 5 promising support
but so far none. If we are going to make a go of it we need your

For those of you with the Datanetics ASR-33 type keyboard the
following parts are available. The main chip MM5740AAE/N, cost is
$13.50.  The key switches are$.50(fifty cents) each.I guess you
should add something for postage. Address is
Datanetics 18065 Euclid street,Pountain Valley, Ca 92708

Another Apple exchange group is starting in Washington but it looks
like all Apple II, will let you know as I find out more.Possible
to do some program changing.

Am in touch with a dealer who might sell the KIMSI boards for
$90. plus shipping, savings of about $35. This is not a group
purchase price, its if you want one you got it. More info when
I get it. This would put the $100 bus on the Apple 1 if we can
interface it.

The program this month is by Richard Drennan,it's Captain Kirk
verus the Horta.

About the programs, any errors or changes in them will be put in
the next months letter so if you find something wrong or a change
that you think imporves the program or what make sure that you
make an input about it.

There is a change for the Editor from last months program,to
change the address to 0500 and that way the new monitor can be left
in to, also two errors.Check it out.Inputs by Larry Nelson.

Well that it for this month,hope to hear from everyone and send
in your programs.


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