Premier Newsletter

This is the first of the Apple I Owners Club's newsletters. One was written every two to three months.

                         APPLE 1 POWER

Joe Torzewski
51625 Chestnut Road
Granger,In 46530

Well this is our start and I hope it's just one of many. So far
there are about 30 of us. First of all would like to put out a
list of names of persons who want to get in touch with other
Apple 1 ownders and working on projects,also a list of persons who
would be willing to help others with hardware of software projects.

We need hardware articles on anything that you have hooked up to
your Apple. Memory expansion is high on the list.

Where is our Apple 1 hardware expert I Need someone who can devote
his time on a project for us. Needs access to a slide projector
or should have one. I have 35mm slides and some notes on how
Apple put the 16K chips on the Apple 1 board. Someone has to figure
out from this(mainly the slides) and try to write it up so we
can pass it along to everyone. So now don't be bashful now we need

Would like to hear from you guys with the new monitor and what
you have done with it and the commands and such. Trying to get all
the details from everyone and ty to piece it together.

Software programs in basic and machine language are needed. Maybe
we should work on certain types of programs together as a group
for a month or two and then go to another area. Take one type of
program and try to modify it and see what we can come up with.  
Open for ideals on this, so input now. How about sending a list of
your program so we can see what is out there.

Here is a basic (Apple-Basic) challenge from Larry Neison. What is
the best Apple-Basic solution to the problem with the following
program ?
75 DATA 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31
77 For W-1 to 9
81 B(N)--7

There is a program, 4 pages, a primitive,line-oriented text editor
that you can use to draw pictures or text and store them, from
Professor Schawlow.Well that's about it for now, remember to send
in your inputs and program and a stamp or so if you can, till
next time.


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