Invitation to join the User Group

This is the letter that would be sent out to Apple I owners inviting them to join Joe's Apple I User's Group. It's a form letter, with the name and date needing to be added.

Joe Torzewski
51625 Chestnut Road
Granger, In 46530



First of all would like to know if you have an Apple 1 ? If so
welcome to the growing group of Apple I owners.  About 20 of us
so far and still growing.

What are we doing(if I get the support back from everyone).Working
on printers,graphics and more menory.  I have asked for the details
on the printers because two guys said that they have them up and
running so I hope to have this in first letter out.

Would like to know if you have done anything hardware wise with
your Apple?  Did you have any problems and if so how did you fix
it?What kind of keyboard?  What kind of hardware would you like to
see added to the Apple?

How about software.  Do you have the games that Apple put out?  The
new monitor which we think is part of Apple II monitor.  Can you
help us out by sending in hardware or software(basic or machine
language) every month or so?

That about it for now hope to hear from you soon and let me know
what you think and if you have anything(programs or such) please
send it in.


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