Letter from Apple to Owners

This letter was sent from Apple to all Apple I owners, informing them of the newly informed Apple I Owners Club. Apple also mentions this letter to Joe in the upcoming letter about Apple Disassembler.

Apple Computer Inc.
20863 Stevens Creek Blvd B3+C
Cupertino, California 95014
(408) 996-1010

     Dear Apple I Owner


     Good news.  Joe Torzewski is starting an Apple I Owners Club.  
     Since the Apple II has been introduced, interest in Apple I
     software has declined and we have been making tapes available
     on special order basis only.  This has made support costly
     and difficult.

     Joe's Apple I Club will now provide a means of expanding
     your software bank and also in communicating with other Apple
     I owners.  We will be supporting Apple I software through the
     club.  He will be handling both hardware and software

     Please feel free to contact him at:

                    Apple I Owners Club
                    51525 Chestnut Road
                    Granger, IN 46530

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