Connecting a Teletype

Computer Data Systems, Inc.


For those of you that would like to have hard copy capability

and much better control over program development on the Apple 1,

the following hardware addition will accomplish it.

Using a 6530-004 ('TIM' chip) costing about $12.00 gives many

superb features such as a variable baud rate serial input/output,

a high speed parallel input (high speed paper tape reader), an

excellent breakpoint processor, paper tape dump and load

routines, etc.

The TTY port is located at lcations 6202H and 6203H. Date at

that port should be 00H and 16H respectively. The baud rate is

stored at 00EAH and 00EBH and 110 baud is represented by 10H and

46H at those locations.

It's a fun addition to the Apple 1. Try it!

Fred Hatfield K8VDU

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