Apple Pugetsound Group




                                    April 4, 1978

Dear Joe:

    Sorry to be so long between letters, but I just don't have all
that much time to write.  I shipped your cassettes UPS last nite.  
They came to 8.67 all told, and since you sent 8.80, that makes
it pretty close.

    We have had two meetings to date and now have 19 members
currently.  We got 13 from the first meeting, and there are still
four or five in the wings.  Two new Aple dealers will be opening
the end of this month, and this, of course, will provide still more
potential members.

    Re "Stopwatch" which I sent you, I think it can be modified
easily for Apple I.  Clearing the screen is not important except

for appearanse sake.  If not cleared, each second will simply
scroll up.  Instead of the Peek_16368 routine, which you don't
have available, I would think INPUT A$ (hit return and) END
would have the same effect.  Try and see.

    I have come up with a great menu of utility routines that
will append two programs together (loaded seperately from tape)

print a basic line in hex and identify its hex location and renumber
basic lines.  However, since they all involve chjanging memory or
examining memory with PEEK and POKE statements, I am not
sending it on.

    I haven't had a chance yet to try the program you sent me.  Looks
like it would work, however.  And, I've got to run.  I'll send you any
programs I think might work for Apple I (like MULTIPLY, for example)
if you see anything in the catalogue (Page 4 of April Call -Apple of interest,
let me know.

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