Jul. 19, 1980

J.G. Jackson - C.J. Wood
Professor of Phyiscs
(415) 407-4358

July 10, 1980

Mr. J. Torzewski
51625 Chestnut Road
Granger, IN 46530

Dear Mr. Torzewski:

After I received your letter of January 26, 1979, I made a
number of attempts to copy the Apple I version of Star Trek for you,
but did not succeed. The recorder may have been defective, or it may
have been the tape.

Subsequently, some months ago, I ran across the enclosed tape in
the clearance sale pile at a local computer store. It is a copy of
Star Trek for the Apple I. But before I could get around to trying
it out, the students using our Apple I burned out something vital in
it, and so that computer no longer works. Apple won't repair it, and
I haven't found anyone else to do it yet. So, this tape is untested
and may be damaged, blank or otherwise useless. Whatever it is, you
can keep it. If you are still using the Apple I, you can try the
tape or throw it away as you wish.

Yous sincerely,

Arthur L. Schawlow

(Dictated by Professor Schawlow;
signed in his absence by - fj.)

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