Mar. 17, 1980

"Note some of the commands and such are for Apple II basic but they were in Apple 1's basic. You could type in the command and the basic would not give you an error, it would just sit there. So we both thought that Apple, the Steves, were thinking about the Apple 2 when they were trying to do the Basic for the Apple 1."

Larry Nelson
514 S. Adams
Marion, In 46952
March 17, 1980
Dear Joe,
Sorry I haven't written lately. Last
week I went to Florida on a short vacation.
Before that I was working on BASIC.
I've broken a lot of the code and am working
on cleaning out a lot of trash. It looks like
they threw this thing together to get a computer
on the market fast. Probably other used bits
and pieces from other listings, since there
are several places with bad listings. Also found
USR, RNDX, and OFF statements on commands in
there. USR and RNDX don't work, but OFF
turns off the auto-line #. (Try it by typing Auto10(r).
then type "escape", then OFF(r)).
We have COLOR=, PLOT, HLIN, too. It adds \
up to 120 bytes in there + several commands that
we can't use.
Now, if I can decipher how the ASCII is
coded for each command, I'll have it made! Then
I'll be able to pull out those unused commands and
replace them with something useful.

I haven't even looked at those memories
since I gave up. Maybe I'll get back to them
one of these days.

That Space War Program sounds great! I
hope you're not having too many bugs to finish
Any time you want to see how much memory
you have left, exit BASIC, and type:
CA,CD (r)
computer echos CA: 3A 21 00 05
means program is stored from 213AH to top of memory
and variables are stored from 0500H to bottom of memory.
The space still empty is between 0500H to 213AH
or 1D3AH bytes = 748210 !! (Remember, variables
are called when the program runs, so allow 6
bytes for each variable in the program, where typing in the
Guess that's all for now. Write when
you can.

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