Feb. 2, 1978

Richard Drennan
4590 Oberlin Avenue
Leraine, Ohio
February 2, 1978

Dear Joe,
Before I go any further, I'd like to appoligize for my typing.
I'm a good programer, but a bad typist and a worse speller. Also,
my rickety old typewritter has seen better days.

I'd have written sooner, but a. combinitation of bad weather
and lots of things going on at work has kept me busy.

First a bit of information I've discovered. When you load
BASIC from a cassette, LOMEM is initalized to 2048. On my APPLE I
this leaves a large block of memory unused. I found that after
loading BASIC I can set LOMEM equal to 768 and BASIC functions
fine. Doing this almost doubles available memory into which you
can store a BASIC program. Some of my programs will only go into
my memory if I use this technique.

I have over 50 programs (all games) for my APPLE I. I'm sending
you a list of the games I have. I would be happy to send you a
source list of all my programs, but the hard part is typing up
instructions on how to play the games, which is necessary because
all my programs are poorly documented. (REM statements use up

I have got my printer partialy running, but it has the bad habit
of printing the first character of the next line an the previous
line. This doesn't bother source listings so long As the statement
numbers are less than 10000 because the first character of every
line is then blank. It does, however, make program. runs hard to

I am sending you two programs ,which I particularly like. I
tried to do a decent job of explaning them in a sheet attached to
each source list. I hope you like them.

I have not yet gotten my graphics to run mostly because I have
not yet gotten my printer to run to my satisfaction, and have been
spending most of my time on the printer. When I get them to run
I'll send you details.

That is about it. I hope what I'm sending you will help you.


Richard Drennan

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