What other hardware/software do I need?

a) A second disk drive. It speeds up your work considerably, makes
it easier to load and save data, etc. Also usable: 1.4 MB Superdrive
and 800k Unidisk for the /// (using Apple // interface cards and On
Three drivers) and many hard disks (Profiles and SCSI).

b) System Utilities disk. This program lets you copy files, format
disks, and configure your SOS.Driver file (WAP PD disk 3UTL-02).

c) /// EZ Pieces. This is an excellent integrated software program
that is easy to learn and use. Its files are also compatiable with
the Apple // version called AppleWorks. (Sun Remarketing)

d) Printer. The kind is up to you. You can run it off of the RS232
port in the back of the /// or by using a Serial or Parallel card you
plug into one of the four slots internally. To connect your serial
printer to the /// you will need what is called a Null-Modem cable.
Local computer dealers and national chains like Inmac sell them. You
will also need specific device drivers you have to install in your
SOS.DRIVER file using System Utilities. WAP has a disk full of ///
drivers (3SYS-07). The /// can print to laserprinters as well as dot
matrix, but does not have access to inkjey printers (no

e) A surge protector to prevent electrical surges from destroying
your machine.

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