Autovision 90

Autovision 90 - front Autovision 90 - back

The Quadra 950 is a very nice computer. Not only was it Apple's most powerful Macintosh for quite some time, but it comes in one impressive, 20 inch high, tower of a case. The Quadra 950 is what the professionals used.

The Autovision 90 is a Quadra 950 repackaged in a rugged metal rack-mountable case that makes Apple's unit look like it's made for light home use.

Autovision 90 - inside

Inside you'll find the standard Quadra 950 motherboard, power supply, hard drive, and fan. Added by Autovision is two more fans on the Autovision's top cover. On the back of the unit are all the standard Quadra 950 ports, as well as four "Camera DC Power" connectors.

The label reads:

Automatix<br /> 755 Middlesex Turnpike<br /> Billerica, MA 01821<br /> USA (Patents Pend.)<br /> Model No. AM7512 J-16120<br /> Serial No. 033/0581<br /> Voltage 120<br /> Amps 10<br /> 50-60 Hz, 1 phase

Autovision 90 - perceptics

Inside the Autovision 90 was a very large, very expensive-looking card made by Perceptics Corporation, model PWB 112291 Rev 03. It has a DB15M connector.

Autovision 90 - complete

The Autovision 90, configured with a 21" Grayscale display and a 14" color display, is the machine I used to do all my daily work on. Many of the images and text on Applefritter were edited and written on this computer.

Leigh Burns has submitted an Automatix New Release, which reveals signifigantly more information about the Autovision 90:

MIN: 125-0304-5052-D</p> <p>NPA 93-33 0359348</p> <p>Vision for Process Feedback and Control</p> <p>NO-AUTHOR</p> <p>93-07-21 DOCUMENT TYPE- News Release DATELINE- Billerica, MA TRADE<br /> NAME(S) - Autovision 90; Image Analyst SPECIAL FEATURE(S)- Price<br /> LANGUAGE English, (DEF) NDN- 125-0304-5052-D

Vision For Process Feedback and Control

Easily Make Measurements, Compare To Tolerances, and Contro Manufacturing Variables

Billerica, MA Designed specifically for on line guaging, assembly verification, flaw detection, and machine guidance, Autovision 90 is a high resolution grayscale vision system configurable for jobs ranging from simple mecy-based inspections to complex OBN guidance applications.

Using its high speed 68040 CPU, Autovision 90 can automatically analyze up to 1200 arts per minute, with an accuracy to + 0.0002"- Built in tools for guaging, object location, roundness, counting, location off set, and defect analysis can be easily configured to make measurements, compare to design tolerances, and control manufacturing process variables. To achieve the highest accuracy in the industry, Autovision's digital m processing and analysis technology relies on sub pixel techniques, a unique perspective correcting calibration routine, and the ability to calibrate multiple cameras into a single coordinate frame.

Software Supports Varying User Experiences

Automatix award winning machine vision software enviroment XXXXXXX is an integral part of every XXXXXXX. Image Analyst eliminates the need for learning or using a complex programming language. First time users can set up jobs by using its standard pulldown menus and graphical user interface- For those applications requiring customization, the user has access to both an interpretive and compiled development environment. These different development environments make it possible to create custom applications, to access hundreds of predeveloped image processing, analysis and locations guidance routines, and co optimize user developed algorithms. Image Analyst's multi-level user interface maximizes user productivity. Regardless of your level of expertise of your application demands, the appropriate vision environment is available.

Lower Installed Cost

Application project time is also reduced with the multi-level user interface. All three environments-Image Analyst, Image Analyst, and C programming/Libraries offer a seamless implementation from project evaluation through deployment. You can be confident that the Autovision 90 you purchase today will have the capability and flexibility to meet your changing needs of tomorrow. Our standard platform approach ensures it!

Industry Applications

Autovision 90 provides the functional versatility to support a wide range of industrial applications in the following industries:

  • Electronics Transportation
  • Medical Devices Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumber Goods Aerospace
  • Research Foods
  • Pricing and Availability

Autovision 90 systems start at $15,700 US and are available now. Shipments are 30 days ARO. Autovision 90 system configurations include Image Analyst software and the ability to connect a RS-170 camera at 640x480 resolution with 256 levels of gray. A 14" color RGB monitor, keyboard and mouse are included. Each system includes a comprehensive user manual set and 6 months unlimited techincal support. Options for more cameras, various I?O configurations, motion and guidance extensions, and hardware algorithm accelerations are available. To order, contact Automatix Sales Department at 508-667-7900, extension 712.

About Automatix

Located in Billerica, Massachusetts whith sales channels throughout North America and 21 international markets, Automatix develops and manufactures industrial machine vision systems and software, and controls products. All Automatix systems are designed on standard computer platforms and include transparent development tools for engineers giving them flexibility to adapt to integration changes. Using Automatix proven technology, manufacturers are dramatically improving product quality and productivity- With more than 2300 systems now installed, Automatix is the leader in making machine vision a workable, cost- effective, and easy-to-use end user tools. Automatix vision systems are widely used to:

  • measure critical dimensions,
  • verify the assembly process,
  • locate objects and control motion,
  • detect product flaws,
  • and co?? applications

Companies that have put their trust in Automatix vision systems include Procter and Gamble, General Motors, Glaxo, GTE, Austin Rover, Ethicon, Motorola, Boeing, and Dupont.

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