Putting a Rev C Rom in a Revision A board

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Putting a Rev C Rom in a Revision A board

I think my g3 beige 233 died today, maybe cause i removed my rom chip and it fell on the ground ^^. When i switch it on you cant't hear a startupsound or anything, although the HD is on. So i put everything (PCI Cards, Ram..) and zapped the board, but nothing happened.
Now my question is, if i could replace my rom chip by a revision c rom although i have a rev a board, cause there was only one offer at ebay Wink

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Rom Chip

Yeah u can replace the rom providing you didnt fry anything else Revision A roms slave support was kinda picky. A Revision B or C would do ya better. Once you get os x on it, on a rev a it avoids the rom and slave drives are supported

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My vote is with Rev C if you

My vote is with Rev C if you can get it. I had some problems with Rev B. In one case, it didn't like an Apple ROMed DVD drive. Freeze on boot.

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