iBook No Sound

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iBook No Sound

Any hints on fixing a Graphite clamshell iBook with no sound? And I mean none - nothing from speakers or headphone jack, not even start up chime but the thing runs with no problems.

I've pulled the main battery (since there is no PRAM batt in these), hit the reset button, and cursed at it (trying to incite it to talk back).

Does anybody have or know where I can get/dowload (free!) a hardware test CD for this model (2000 iBook SE)? I used to have one for an Indigo iBook but it wouldnt even run on another clamshell model.



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Hardware Test CD

I have a 466mhz Graphite SE, and I'm pretty sure I have the hardware test CD somewhere around. I'll look for it when I get home.

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