Radius 81/110 and Thunder 24/GT

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Radius 81/110 and Thunder 24/GT

Trying to speed up my 81/110 and running into some problems.

Config is:

Radius 81/110
88MB RAM (for now... Wink )
NewerTECH G3 upgrade at ~257MHz
Radius Thunder 24/GT video card
ATTO Silicon Express IV SCSI card
Radius VideoVision Studio

Nubus cards are installed as listed, with the VVS being in the bottom-most slot.

Booting off external SCSI drive into OS 8.5.

Things boot fine without Thunder control panels (Dynamic Desktop, QuickColor) or with all extentions off. But that's no fun cuz i want to see how fast this card is!

With them turned on, all extentions seem to load fine, but after the desktop appears after the initial screen (Mac OS and extensions) things freeze immediately. I turned off Dynamic Desktop and the system froze midway through extensions, oddly just where the Dynamic Desktop control panel would have loaded. I haven't tried loading DD by itself without Quickcolor, since Quickcolor is the one I need to enable accelleration.

Is anyone aware of any incompatibilites here? The Thunder should be fine up to 8.6 and possibly beyond. I'm doing nothing with the VVS at this point, and the ATTO card has nothing attached yet.