What about Apple /// books?

Only a few books were ever written about the Apple ///. There are
three specific books worth mentioning:

The Osborne/Mcgraw Hill Guide To Your Apple /// is the first book
on the list. The other two are by Eddie Adamis: Basic Keywords for
the Apple // and Business Basic for the Apple ///. The Guide covers
only the Apple /// and not the Plus version. The author is Stanley M.
Miastokowski. It's a good, beginning-level test for new /// owners
and good to have for us older SARAsaurs who've had their machines
around for a while. It has a good overview of Business Basic and
sections on the .Audio and .Grafix drivers that are excellent.

The Adamis texts are straight-forward, no-nonsense books that
essentially describe Business Basic version 1.1, its key words and
provides examples.

The only other ///-specific book on the market at one point was
"Using Apple Business Computers" by Kenniston Lord Jr. It discusses
Business Basic from a number of perspectives and includes lengthly
Basic programs for business users.

Unfortunately, all these books are now out-of-print. But you may
still be able to find them at local new or used bookstores. WAP
members: All these books are availble in the WAP library.

If you are a /// EZ Pieces user, you can check out any of the
older AppleWorks books in most libraries, since the two programs (at
least in earlier versions) shared the same file format (Appleworks
3.0 and 4.0 can read older AW or 3EAP files, but there will be
incompatibilties once those files have been worked on and saved -
especially with spreadsheet and data base functions). There are also
some excellent books out on Apple Writer and Visicalc - which you
might be able to find at your local library or at a computer garage
sale or Ham Fest.

Finally, Sun Remarketing offers a booklet designed to help Apple
/// users diagnose and repair their machines.

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