A view of the back, you can see all the switches, plugs and jacks that I added, for video, printer, cassette interface output and input for the cassette recorder and some spares. Also you can see the wires coming out for the tape cassette, left side.

The switches on the right side control input/output to the tape cassette and for the SWTPC PR-40 printer.

A couple of manuals and a cassette tape, all originals.

With the top cover off, you can see the fan, speaker, Eprom and Cassette boards.

You can see the speaker, fan and the two A.C. transformers used to power the motherboard.

Inside shot, you can see the bus slots and the cassette and Eprom Boards. Also right above the Capacitors (blue) and to the right of them you see some of the new 16k ram chips.

The power supply area. I put heat sinks on the three regulators to the bottom right of the 5 volt regulator with the larger heat sink fins.

Here is the expansion bus with the three slots that I put into the Apple 1 computer. Cassette Interface board at the top of picture.

Here is a picture between rows C and D at board level on the motherboard.

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