This SWTPC PR-40 printer was an impact printer and has a 40-character output per line. The video output for the Apple 1 computer was the same. So the two worked well together. I had a switch that you could turn on so the computer would output to the printer. The line of characters would first go to the screen and then to the printer and then repeat this process until it was finished. Then you could shut off the output feed to the printer. To make it output to the printer faster, you could wire in a switch to turn off the video output so the output to the printer was faster.

The printer cost $250.00 retail and that was for a kit. You had to build this printer. I still have this printer. SWTPC stands for Southwest Technical Products Corp.

The pencil writing is very light at the top of the post card. I wrote to Apple Computer and asked them if they was going to get a floating point basic language for the Apple 1 computer and you can see who wrote back and signed the card. On the other side of the card is my address and it is postmarked/dated. I still have the postcard.