Apple 1 For Sale

This Apple I has been sold.

All items are on this web site.

(1) Apple 1 computer in case.

(2) Five (5) original manuals, a complete set, as of this time I know of no one else that has a complete set of manuals.

(3) Three (3) original Apple 1 cassette tapes from Apple Computer.

(4) The SWTPC PR-40 printer. This printer itself is an antique and hard to find. It is unique to the Apple1 computer because of an article in InterFace Age magazine, Oct 1976.

(5) The InterFace Age magazine dated Oct 1976.

Diablo The Nuts & Volts magazine July 2002 issue. Has an article and pictures on the Apple 1 computer.

(7) A+, an Apple magazine, dated Jan 1987. The 10-year anniversary of the Apple II but has pictures of the Apple 1. Done with Steve Wozniak.

(8 ) The Brief Case, pictures on web site.

(9) Last but not least, the postcard that was signed by Steve Wozniak, a prized possession.

The cost of the Apple 1 system is Thirty thousand ($30,000) US dollars. You must be able to pick up the system or arrange to have it picked up. Other conditions apply but will discuss with the buyer before agreeing on a deal for the Apple1 system. I reserve the right to refuse any offer. If more than one party is interested, highest offer will get the Apple 1 system provided all conditions are meet.

Remember that best estimates are that only 50 Apple 1 computers are known to exist. One sold for fifty thousand ($50,000) US dollars. Mine has the complete set of manuals, the PR-40 printer and the post card signed by the WOZ. Has much more going for it.

Check out this website: Icon for Sale: The First Apple I

Please no phone calls.
All items are on this web site.

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please email me at I am a serious collector and am very interested.

I would gladly buy this Apple 1 as I have been looking for one for any years. I am interested in buying it and will pay as much as you want, since I'm more concerned if it's still available to purchase.

Please e-mail me at or phone me at (1) - 250 - 571 - 1353.

Thank you in advance!

Lorne Perreault

Hawaii Cruiser's picture

Well, let's see. Joe posted this announcement 6 years and 2 weeks ago, and the last time Joe made any appearance on AppleFritter was 4 years and 37 weeks ago, but the going price for an Apple I is still in the $40-55,000 range, so yeah, catch that baby for $30,000 and you'll make a quick turnover profit. I don't know, but if Joe's still watching AppleFritter, then he's noticed the recent sales of Apple I's that we've followed, and if he's still got it, he'll probably take you up on that "pay as much as you want" part, and I don't think it will be anywhere near $30,000--not even in the ballpark. Actually, looking at his description, this may be the best existing example of an Apple I we've seen. Interesting to see it turn up out of nowhere after all these years. I hope he got a lot more than $30,000 for it. I still love that business reply typed out and signed by Steve Jobs on ruled notebook paper in that recent Apple I auction. That was priceless. Joe's collection probably would trump the signed ruled notebook paper, although it might be a close call.