When Apple Computers wanted to create an online presence for the consumer, they started up eWorld. A colorful and cartoonish collection of buildings each offered enterence to different areas of the services. The Library served to access the software library, while Town Hall housed chat rooms.

eWorld was distributed free with your Macintosh between 1993 and 1996. One user compared it to a "walled garden" which offered a lot of stuff right there, but had only a few links to the internet. This user, a heavy internet user, found that eWorld often got in the way of accessing the internet.

Similarities between AOL and eWorld were evident because, as one user pointed out, they used the same core code! Apple changed little, adding a nice graphic and an unreliable "Internet On Ramp. It should be noted that Apple licensed the software before AOL.

The following are some links. Some of these links were included last week, but deserve to be included again. Reading the logs of eWorlds last minutes are especially reccomended. They are well done and capture the emotion that a lot of people felt about eWorld.

Logs From The End of eWorld

The Guys Who Did The Prototype

eWorld Memorial Site