Simple External SCSI Case To USB Case Hack

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Simple External SCSI Case To USB Case Hack

About a year ago I recieved a USB 2.0 enclosure for a CD-Burner and it's madeof plastic. It's starting to fall apart and the screws no longer stay in that great due to my having to replace the drive inside from time to time. Metal screws in plastic mounts never works out.

So, I have here a simple external SCSI case that was for a CD/Burner. I gutted out the SCSI components and the power unit, and I'm going to hook up the IDE -USB bridge inside that. I know someone who does metalwork, so I can just get him to pick up some scrap and make a coverplate for the back so the ports stick out ok.

One question I have, is would a standard external bridge have enough power to both drive a hard disk and a small fan? The case has fan ports on both sides at the back and I was thinking of putting a fan on one end and maybe a piece of colored plastic/glass at the other end with a light. But before I do that, I need to know how much more I can reasonably tap from the power line. It says it outputs 12Volts 2A DC. Would a hard drive, small fan and bright LED work ok?

I have to say this is probably the easiest hack ever. I'm going to sand off the case and paint it. I'm not sure what color yet, but I might just sand it down to metal then put ona gloss coat, give it a night metal look. I'm gonna check at the local engraving places and see what options for having an Apple logo engraved on it.

I think I can get all the hack done for under 30 bucks because I have most of the materials already to finish it. Then I can have a nice sturdy metal USB case instead of a flimsy plastic one.


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I thought I saw something like this....

I saw a hack on 'fritter' that took an apple HDD and put a FW 400-to-IDE bridge in it and turned it into a firewire HDD
This is the link:

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