3Com EtherLink/SE Network Adapter (3C563)

This diskette contains files for installing EtherLink/SE 2.0 and EtherLink/SE 1.2 software for 3Com's EtherLink/SE network adapter (3C563).

This software should ONLY be installed on a Macintosh SE with a 3Com EtherLink/SE adapter. It will not work with other Macintosh models or other Ethernet adapters. Refer to the EtherLink/SE Installation Guide for more information.

The 2.0 version of software is used for AppleTalk Phase 2 networks, while the 1.2 version should be used on networks which use the original AppleTalk.

To install on a hard disk:
• Boot your Mac SE using this diskette.
• Double-click on the Installer icon.
• Install the EtherLink/SE 2.0 files onto your hard disk.
• Quit from the Installer program.

If you wish to run EtherLink 1.2, you should next drag the "EtherLink/SE 1.2" file from the Previous Version folder on the diskette into your disk's System folder.

Reboot your Macintosh. Open the Control Panel and select "Network". If you have installed 1.2, you should see two EtherLink/SE icons, one with single arrows (version 1.2) and one with double arrows (version 2.0). Select the appropriate EtherLink/SE icon, and reboot. You should now be ready to use your EtherLink/SE adapter.

There is one problem which you may encounter after you install the EtherTalk software. It is caused by a problem with the Macintosh system software. If you boot the SE with the Network device set to Builtin, and then select EtherLink/SE using the Control Panel, you may get an error message saying "AppleTalk could not be opened." whenever you try to access the network via the Chooser. It is caused by the system not allocating sufficient system heap space at boot time. This problem does not occur on all SEs and can be corrected on those that do exhibit the problem. Once it has been fixed on a given SE, the problem should not reappear.

If you see this problem you should clear parameter RAM using the following steps:

1. Hold down the Shift, Option, and Command keys.
2. Open the Control Panel. A dialog box will appear saying "You are about to zap the PRam".
3. Click on "yes".
4. Reboot the SE.

3Com® is a registered trademark of 3Com Corporation.
EtherLink™ is a registered trademark of 3Com Corporation.
Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation.
Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Does anyone happen to still have a copy of this driver installer, or of the disk itself that they can image? The link is dead, and I've got a Macintosh SE with the Etherlink card and can't find the drivers for it. Thankfully it came with a hard drive that does seem to have them, but it has issues and MacTCP seems to be broken, so I can't even test it out. Any help is appreciated!

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Hello there!

I just got a Macintosh SE and am wondering if the expansion card you used on yours included both a mother card (installed on the pds connection on the logic board) and a daughter card (installed on the back port of the computer). Reason I ask is becuase I got my hands on a 3com daughter card and a Daynaport mother card and I don't know if they will work together being different brands.  I'm assuming your setup included cards that were 3Com, correct?


Kind regards!




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Looks like Remiel hasn't been here in a while. I've emailed him.