iBook G4 screen replacement.

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iBook G4 screen replacement.


I've managed to end up with a cracked screen on my 14" iBook G4, so obviously I need a replacement now...

When buying a new screen, is it essential that I buy an iBook G4 screen? I.e. would a 14" Powerbook G3 be suitable, or a 14" iBook G3...or any other 14" TFT screen?

I'm just looking to save money here, and there are a lot more Powerbook G3 parts on eBay than there are iBook G4 parts!


Mr. Dazzle

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I would like to say a G3 vers

I would like to say a G3 version would work, but someone tells me they're NOT compatible. To be safe, I would get one made for the G4 to avoid the sudden "Oops. I knew I shouldn't have done that."

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LCD make, model?

You'll have to open the display to see. It'll be something like LT141X01, or similar.

Once you know the LCD panel's make/model, you can go looking for that same LCD. Many laptop makers use(d) the same LCDs as did Apple, so it's just a matter of looking til you find the right part.

In fact, I'm 99% certain most any recent 14.1" XVGA laptop LCD will fit and work perfectly. Almost all modern laptop LCDs use standard LVDS cabling/signals/connectors (at the LCD end, anyway.) Still, if you're not the adventurous type, you really can't go wrong if you stick with the same exact part.

dan k

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