Another Fine Mess 1.4

ANOTHER FINE MESS -- Copyright 1992 by Ray R. Dunakin III

Another Fine mess is shareware. This complex game took nearly 1000 hours to create! If you like this game, please register your copy by sending $10 to:
Ray Dunakin
4665 Huggins St. *Please include the version number. Also, if you need 800k
San Diego, CA 92122 disks or High Density disks for any future upgrades.

When you register you will receive complete, thorough instructions, hints and a map. You will also receive any future updates or sequels.
Whether you register or not, please let me know what you think about the game. I want to hear from you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome to Another Fine Mess! This game is compressed using StuffIt and is self-extracting. Just double click on the icon. Install the game file on your hard drive. The sound file is also compressed. Copy it onto your hard drive, in the same folder with the game. Although the game could be played without the sounds, you would miss important clues, as well as some of the humor. The volumn can be adjusted by opening the "About..." heading under the Apple menu.
SYSTEM 7: You may have to switch off 32 bit in the Memory control panel.

Here are a few things you need to know:
Although Another Fine Mess is a sequel to Ray's Maze, it is not neccesary to play that game first.
And there are several important differences in the way this game is played. For instance, EATING, DRINKING and SLEEPING are required! Also, this game requires more text interaction than Ray's Maze. You can look under tables and beds, look out windows and down holes, and do other slightly more complex actions. And you can't always pick things up by clicking on them, sometimes you have to enter "GET" followed by the name of the object.

And by popular request, Another Fine Mess has much less emphasis on combat and more emphasis on solving puzzles and gathering clues. ALWAYS READ THE TEXT!!! If you don't you will miss important clues that may not be repeated. And everytime you meet someone in the game, ask for information. You can do this by entering "INFO".

The various traps and other puzzles will require a lot of thought and imagination to solve. Some possible solutions may turn out to be dead ends. Don't give up! And even dreams can be clues in this game.

Jump Doors teleport the player to another region of the Maze Worlds. Unstable Jump Doors move the player to a RANDOM location. Sometimes you may pass through one or more darkened scenes during a random jump. ALWAY SAVE your game before entering a Jump Door, because you could end up in a fatal situation.

SAVE YOUR GAME FREQUENTLY. Then if you get killed, you can reopen the game and not have to start over from the beginning.

USE THE COMMAND MENU to move, look, rest, search, etc.

SEARCH every scene, even if you've been there before.

KEYBOARD ENTRY...Enter any commands that seem appropriate; SHOOT LOCK, DIG, USE ROPE, etc.

CLICK ON OBJECTS, doors, panels, gates, tiles, rocks, etc.

ALWAYS READ THE TEXT in the text window.

When you encounter a hostile creature, you may fight it with any weapons in the weapons menu, or you may run. You may also offer it a bribe, by typing OFFER followed by the name of the object you wish to offer.

VERS.1.2.1-- In earlier versions it was possible for the player to lose the Ezekiel Spell before using it at the right time and place. This has been corrected. If this has happened to you, you can regain the spell by going to the "secret chamber" and entering the word "fix".

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