i swear....

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i swear....

i guess i cant win sometimes...well if anybody remembers my 760E IBM laptop i have, and have had so many troubles with...well...i think it finally died..
i was gonna put a new(er) hdd in, and it didnt work..soo..i decided to put the old hdd back in (1.2 GB btw) and it stoped working.....

i dunno why..it booted up like twice w/ 98se then it just stoped all together...i waas thinking that the BIOS is to blame, but i'm not sure...but the HDD works fine, (plugged it into another 'top i had at work)

so i'm lost again...sometimes, i cant even get it to recognize my selectadock II's bios....*acutally now, it's most of the time...

any ideas?


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Wait ,there is something that

Wait ,there is something that I couldn't understand - does the laptop work and don't recognise the HDD or just the laptop don't turn on.In first case I might know what is the problem.For those models of IBM the HDD is in plastic HDD caddy (so you can have a number of easily interchangeble drives).This caddy has one flexible band cable which connects the HDD to the Thinkpads HDD socket.If you used to change ,not the caddies (because you don't have 2 caddies for each drive - new and old) but the drives ,when you remove this band cable too many times some it may develop some disconnected tracks due to being flexed too many times.When this happens then the laptop gives you error 174 when turned on.This means that there is something wrong with the HDD or the CD/Floppy.So if your laptop runs ,but doesn't recognise the HDD ,or the HDD doesn't spin-up (there could be many symptoms due to different tracs disconnections) or something you should look up which tracs are cut with a magnifying glass and connect the pins they are connected to in both connectors by soldering (thin) wire between them. In my case I used thin cuprum wire from transformer.The laptop might not worked with the newer HDD due to this cable problem.

In second case - is the laptop doesn't even turn on you could put it in drawer or something and keep it if you need some parts for modding needs or something (or just trash it - it's just an old laptop ,man do you know what shiny new models are being sold nowadays [too bad that prices are shiny too Smile ]).

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no, the harddrive wont spin up, and the cable is fine, no splits or such, and the newer ones would start up, but then would get the 174 error

kay, then when i put in the other 12 mm hdd. it'll spin up.......and tha's it, i guess it dosent have the drivers or whatever for the laptop, would that be the problem there?

well...tha's about it, i think the BIOS is fine... and the CMOS batteries are fine..and the regular battery is fine, i get about 3 1/2 hours out of it...so i dont know what the problem is...

also, when i dock the IBM to the Selectadock II, i wont recognize the dock's BIOS, would that be lack of drivers on the harddrive?

I was thinking in investing in a 44pin IDE to 40 Pin IDE adapter, then maybe i could load the original drivers onto the itty bitty harddrive i have at the moment, i mean, hey, i can get one for about 2 bucks (the adapter)

if anybody has any extra 12mm 2.5 inch laptop harddrives, lemme know, (esp. if their over 2 GB perferably, but i can live with 1 GB at the minimum)

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