Adaptec 39160 Ultra3 SCSI PC Card in Mac

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Adaptec 39160 Ultra3 SCSI PC Card in Mac

This may be old news, but I only came across it by accident so I thought I'd post a note here.

I read a review of a 10K RPM drive SCSI RAID setup on in which the reviewer mentioned he was using a Dell branded Adaptec 39160 dual channel Ultra3 SCSI card. He didn't say much about it other than he flashed it with Adaptec's current Mac firmware.

I picked up a PC 39160 off Ebay for under $50. I installed it in my Quicksilver, booted into 9.2 then downloaded and ran Adaptec's v1.2 firmware updater. Success! The card is now recognized in 9 and with a driver download, in X.3 as well.

320MB/s (2x 160MB/sec channels) for under $50. Smile

Now I need to decide whether I want 10K RPM drives in the G4 or if I should go external because of heat concerns.


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Flashing Adaptec's


Interesting. I think we hear so much about PC Video cards not being able to be flashed, we automatically assume that it means ALL cards. I have flashed both a Compaq OEM 2940UW and an Adaptec 29160 for use in my Macs, both times worked like a charm, and with FULL functionality. No "halfway" like some Radeon cards.

Here's to good ole MAC ingenuity!

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FWIK Adaptek 2940s can be fla

FWIK Adaptek 2940s can be flashed, given a ROM upgrade. It's nice to know that newer cards don't need hardware mods to work.

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