The Little ZIF That Won't

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The Little ZIF That Won't

So I've had this beige g3 board lying around for awhile, not doing anything. I finally got inspired to build it into a working system, but I've run into a little snag.

We all know how this ZIF socket business works... or at least, how it's supposed to work. I've done like ten of these myself by now with ne'er an issue.

Here's my problem though... when I open the ZIF socket with the lever, and align the pins, lining them up properly "keyed"-end to "keyed"-end, instead of the processor dropping into the socket so that it can be locked into place, the "keyed" end (the one missing a pin on both the board and the socket) doesn't fall in.

Visual inspection of the pins shows no sign of bendage. All other sides fall in though, so I tried placing the corner of the ZIF elsewhere on the socket (corner only, just to see if the pins lined up elsewhere and will go in, and of course not all the way, just more than they are now) and they/it will. In addition, I have two ZIF proc boards, and they both do the same thing.

So apparently, someone's gotten to this board, and the socket itself is messed up. (Good thing I hadn't needed it,although now I get why it was thrown in with some other stuff I bought.) Things won't "fall in" on that one end.

Any ideas on what to do? Does the sliding/locking portion of the socket come off carefully so it can be reseated/inspected? Anyone got any tricks up their sleeves for this sort of thing?

These things have always been no problem for me, until now. Whatcha got?

-- Macinjosh

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DSL modem (has nothing to do with your post)

Recently, I’ve have been thinking about getting DSL. When I asked for an information packet concerning DSL, I found out that my ISP charged an expensive $200 for a DSL modem. When I tried doing some research on the modem's company (VisionNet 708EU) I could not find anything on VisionNet the company. But I did find a previous post you had made concerning this same type of modem. After reading your post, I noticed you were in the same predicament that I am now in. I am just wondering what DSL modem you found to work for you ISP (Iowa Telecom I assume). Thanks, Brandon
The link to the post I am referring to is:

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