Aamber Pegasus

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Aamber Pegasus

I've got sitting here next to me a very mysterious piece of hardware. An Aamber Pegasus.

The Aamber Pegasus was the first computer to be sold (& designed) in NZ in kit form. It is based around the Motorola MC6809 CPU. My machine runs Forth and some kind of "Monitor" program. I have the keyboard, the CPU board, an RF modulator and what I assume are connectors for connecting to a tape drive.

As soon as I can find a digital camera with un-flat batteries Blum 3 I'll have a detailed writeup & photos available for everyone to digest.

I've managed to contact the remaining member of the design team, Paul Gillingwater, who is going to advise me on the PSU voltages at some point, so I can hopefully get this baby running again!

It's obviously been hand assembled, and not tooooo shoddily either.

Later folks. :macos: