WTB: PPC PowerBook

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WTB: PPC PowerBook

I am looking for a decent PPC PowerBook, one that is in good shape, not abused, hinges and screen must be in good order. It also must be capable of running OS X natively without XPostFacto. I don't want any PowerBooks that are lemons like the Lombard because they cost to much to maintain. An IceBook would be nice provided it has had it's repairs done and works fine.

Here's the small print: I don't have cash to pay, but I have credit I can extend towards the seller at Future Shop. My budget is Max $1,000.00 Canadian. So, if you have a nice PowerBook you would like to sell, tell me it's complete specs, the condition it's in, any repairs that have been completed, a valid serial number (to check against Police Records), the price you are asking and we can discuss a deal.

Many thanks.