My PimpRig - ENTIRELY FROM SCRATCH, inspired by Apple design

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My PimpRig - ENTIRELY FROM SCRATCH, inspired by Apple design


4 case fans - 2 Ultra back UV-sensitive, side UV + LED's
Fan filters
2 12" Ultra UV black lights
12" cold cathode blue liquid light
2 PS fans (separate from the rest of case)
Cooler Master Aerogate II fan controller
Compaq system speaker
Lock on the door
Side I/O panel (2 USB, Firewire, DV)
CD-ROM bezel like on Macs, but glued onto the cd-rom bezel (slides out instead of rolling in when CD-ROM opens)
Handle on the back
Door opens downward like on the Mac G4 case
Most things, other than fans and mobo attach with industrial-strength Velcro for easy detachment (including hard drive bay)
CD-ROM easily-removable (snap-in style)
All-aluminum, including hard drive bay, providing better heat dissipation and making the case strong
Rubbery bottom and rubbery feet
No ribbon cables and no sleeving...all cables are round and UV-sensitive

Acrylic plastic - 3 sheets (2 24x24", 1 12x36"
Aluminum sheets (2 18.5" x 18.5", 3 7.5" x 18.5", 1 7.5" x 19.5"
Black glossy spray paint (two cans for metal, one for plastic)
About 200 screws in the whole case
Some All-Styx glue became necessary for a few small parts
Akasa noise reducing stuff...the black stuff you see stuck to the aluminum (the acrylic plastic goes on top)
Lock and other stuff

Various power saws I could find in my dad's garage
Plastic scraper tool or whatever it's called
Screwdrivers and keys
And lots of other stuff
oh, and a buffing wheel

People ask me how long the whole thing took to make. A LONG TIME. In November 2003 I decided to do it and drew a design of what I wanted it to be like. I spent most of the summer building it at my Russian country house. Finished it here in Houston. Between November and May I looked at many cases and mods online to see what I could use for my case...basically did lots and lots of research on modding. Since this was the first ever thing I built like this, with power tools and everything, it took me much longer to learn how to use all the tools and do everything. I also spent a lot of time redoing parts I didn’t do right and going to the store to buy more materials.
The case is very strong and sturdy. It’s all out of aluminum sheets and with the acrylic plastic on the outside. So I was talking to my friend once and telling him about my computer case. He was like “can you sit on it?

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