ibook 800 g3 14 inch with superdrive

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ibook 800 g3 14 inch with superdrive

Did the ibook 800 14inch ever come with superdrive option? Direct from apple? or is this just aftermarket? did any of the g3 ibooks ever come with superdrive option from apple?

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They did not come with it as

They did not come with it as a factory option to prevent cutting into powerbook sales, but there are aftermarket DVD-R drives avalible for it.

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no G3 anything ever came from Apple with a SuperDrive . . .

but you can use most any slim drive to upgrade your 'Book, trayload or slot even. I just copped a great deal on a Teac DV-W22E DVD-R/W trayload drive, and into my Snow 700 directly it went.

Well, not exactly, it did take a slight hack, which I discovered it needed only after I had completely reassembled the damn thing. The OEM setting for the drive was as Master, but in an iBook the optical needs to be set as Slave (the HD is already set to Master.) I had to do the old "strap-pin-47-to-ground" trick, after which it works a treat.

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Advice for buying DVD burner for ibook g3 clamshell

Hey Guys,

Could you recommend where I can get a DVD burner for my iBook G3 blue clamshell. Also, what model should I get?

If you care to email me my address is


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