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What would be some good hacks to do to an old Apple IIe computer? I might be interested in getting a couple and trying to do some hacks. I've been reading about this on this board in other threads. It doesn't look like anyone has hacked an Apple IIe so I might be doing something new. Any ideas? I'm new to hacking but I know how to use soldering and small tools. Maybe I could do something with the case. I want to do more than just repaint or decal though.

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Apple IIe Hacks

You might get more information from the "Hardware Hacks"
thread than here, but thanks for the post. I haven't
done any case mods or lights or anything like the others
here do. I have found some other peripheral boards over
the years and tried various internal hacks such as wiring
an external jack for a larger external speaker (whose case
just happened to be a dead match for my Apple //e), and
successfully trying and using a 3 1/2" drive on my Apple //e.

Most of the hardware guys are on the previously-mentioned
thread. It would, however, be nice to get a specific thread
started here for Apple // and /// machines. Would enjoy
seeing some photos posted!

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I know that someone made an awesome robot using the IIe, doubletalk, and some type of voice recognition card. It was named woz, sorry no link.

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