Another Pismo for sale in a few weeks $400 OBO

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Another Pismo for sale in a few weeks $400 OBO

I am currently using this Pismo for a contract job that should only last a few more weeks at the most. Since I have quite a while, I figured I'd advertise it to you folks. I will be done with it at least a week or two before Christmas, so it could be a good xmas gift.

The info on this one:

I has some minor cosmetic plastic scratches and a crack next to the trackpad button (common in these models from careless repair work... I didn't do it, I got it that way). It still looks very nice though and is very clean.

I replaced the old LCD (was slightly pinkish) with a MUCH brighter and nicer 14" LCD. It has one tiny scratch in the lower left corner, but it is gorgeous.

It also has 3hrs on the battery left, a weightsaver device, a keyboard cover/LCD protector, and the power adapter... plus some rainbow stickers.

It has a 400MHz proc, 12GB HDD, DVD-ROM, 320MB of RAM... and the rest are typical Pismo stats.

This one does NOT have the original install CDs or manuals, adapters, box like the other one had.

It also gets weak airport card reception so I am including a Lucent Orinoco Silver wifi card that gets wonderful reception.

I have been using this computer myself, and have found it very reliable. It will be packed very well in one of the boxes Apple sends for applecare service.

I am asking $400 OBO

If you want to check my reliability as a seller, I am "yth2ogrl" on eBay... Or talk to DrBob or Stuka. Biggrin